Why: AI Strategy Review

Goal Alignment

Ensure AI initiatives are aligned with the company's broader business objectives. We evaluate whether the AI projects are contributing to key performance indicators (KPIs), customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. This step sets the stage for all subsequent phases by ensuring there's a clear vision and measurable outcomes for AI endeavors.

ROI Analysis

Evaluate the costs associated with implementing AI solutions, including data acquisition, model development, and infrastructure. Determine the expected timeframes for realizing ROI. Identify potential risks that could impact ROI, such as technical challenges, data quality issues, or market shifts.


Understand the organization's intentions to scale and expand. Ensure your AI solutions can flexibly accommodate new use cases and business needs. Consider how resource allocation needs may change with scalability.

Client-Centric Approach

We gain a deep understanding of your industry to tailor your audit process to address industry-specific concerns. We research industry-specific challenges, regulations, and best practices related to AI and assess whether the AI strategy aligns with the unique needs of your clients.

Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

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David Catatrious speaker
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Without their help, we may have gone out of business. We saw a 1,000% increase over the maximum capacity of our legacy systems, over 48,000 orders per day, and an average of 75 million page views and 2.3 million unique users each month in 2017.

Aaron Raymond

VP of IT, Young Living

Asif is a brilliant computer scientist, a physicist, an original thinker, an erudite scholar, and an artist who can sculpt new algorithms, and paint new solutions, veritably a Leonardo da Vinci of our times, and a passionate educator with deep insight into AI/ML/DL/Data-Science/Big-Data topics.

Dilip Krishnaswamy

Founder, QWalks

When it comes to Big-data and machine learning, I would simply say he (Asif) knows A-Z in that. No matter what the domain is, he has machine-learning-based solutions for the problems involved. Working with him for years, I have realized how his predictions on the machine learning revolution in big data have come true.

Karthik K

Director at Oracle

We’ve done development in the past..the SolutionMap is a higher level way of defining a comprehensive approach to getting the success that you want.

Russell Rollins

Sr. Director of Product Technology

It was not just about software…it was all about what is this going to do in your company, how are the people in your organization with your partners and with your other stakeholders going to interact with this piece of software and what are their expectations of it…it also helped us on the backside thinking about our business processes…it was really illuminating to me.

David Catatrious


From the design through to the development detail, they listened, understood, and carefully tested before release, often pushing our initial ideas to a better outcome.

Melanie Robinson

CEO, Winder Farms

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